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La fiabilidad es el Seguro

Utilizando el oxígeno adelantado último diseñoTecnología de recombinación, Yuasa han aplicadosus ochenta años de experiencia en la batería de ácido-plomocampo para producir el diseño óptimo de SealedLas baterías de plomo ácido.

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NP SERIES - NP 12-12 NPReliability is your Security Utilizing the latest advance design Oxygen Recombination Technology, Yuasa have applied their 80 years experience in the lead acid battery field to produce the optimum design of Sealed Lead Acid batteries. FEATURES  Superb recovery from deep discharge.  Electrolyte suspension system.  Gas Recombination.  Multipurpose: Float or Cyclic use.  Usable in any orientation.  Superior energy density.  Lead calcium grids for extended life.  Manufactured World wide.  Application specific designs. Terminals NP batteries are manufactured using a range of terminals which vary in size and type. Please refer to details as shown.Operation in any Orientation The combination of sealed construction and Yuasa’s unique electrolyte suspension system allows operation in any orientation, with no loss of performance or fear of electrolyte leakage.  Valve Regulated Design The batteries are equipped with a simple, safe, low pressure venting system which releases excess gas and automatically reseals should there be a build up of gas within the battery due to severe overcharge. Note. On no account should the battery be charged in a sealed container. Technical Features Sealed Construction Yuasa’s unique construction and sealing technique ensures no electrolyte leakage from case or terminals. Electrolyte Suspension System All NP batteries utilize Yuasa’s unique electrolyte suspension system incorporating a microfine glass mat to retain the maximum amount of electrolyte in the cells. The electrolyte is retained in the separator material and there is no free electrolyte to escape from the cells. No gels or other contaminants are added. Control of Gas Generation The design of Yuasa’s NP batteries incorporates the very latest oxygen recombination technology to effectively control the generation of gas during normal use. Low Maintenance Operation Due to the perfectly sealed construction and the recombination of gasses within the cell, the battery is almost maintenance free. General Specifications Terminals  Layout Nominal Capacity (Ah) NP12-1220hr to 1.75vpc 30ºC 1210hr to 1.75vpc 20ºC 11.15hr to 1 .70vpc 20ºC 101 hr to 1 .60vpc 20ºC 7.2Voltage 12Energy Density (Wh.L.20hr) 1 04Specific Energy ( 36Int. Resistance (m.Ohms) 1 6Maximum discharge (A) 75Short Circuit current (A) 360Dimensions (mm)Length 151Width 98Height overall 97.5Weight (Kg) 4.05Terminal DLayout 4Terminal Torque Nm -Data Sheet NP SERIES - NP 12-12 Distributed by Yuasa Battery Inc.2901 Montrose Ave Laureldale, PA 19605 www.yuasabatteries.comRegistered number 1548820 Cat. No.          NP 12-12 March 09Lead Calcium Grids The heavy duty lead calcium alloy grids provide an extra margin of performance and life in both cyclic and float applications and give unparalleled recovery from deep discharge. Long Cycle Service Life Depending upon the average depth of discharge, over a thousand discharge/charge cycles can be expected. Float Service Life The expected service life is five years in float standby applications. Separators The use of the special separator material provides a very efficient insulation between plates preventing inter-plate short circuits and prohibiting the shedding of active materials. Long shelf Life The extremely low self discharge rate allows the battery to be stored for extended periods up to one year at normal ambien